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Security Testing Services

Network Audit
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment is a process of identifying weaknesses in a network and its systems. The Operating System, applications and configurations are all examined. Vulnerability Assessment gives a clear picture of the organizationís network security status which helps us enhance the security for your network resources.

Vulnerability Assessment can be performed in two different ways:

1. Internal Vulnerability Assessment
2. External Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

This will audit the security of an organizationís network resources as per the compliance standards. This audit checks for security aspects with regard to Windows, Linux, Unix hosts as well as network devices like firewalls, routers, switches. Their configurations are also verified to make sure there are no errors.

External Vulnerability Assessment

This will audit the security of an organizationís network resources when accessed from the internet. This audit checks for access control, user verification and attack detection when different services are accessed from the Internet.

Penetration Test

Penetration testing will examine the prevention, detection and defensive mechanisms of a network by uncovering its vulnerabilities and attempting to exploit them.

The first part of penetration testing resembles a vulnerability audit. However, once the vulnerabilities are detected, the pen-tester will attempt to exploit every vulnerability to identify those which can compromise a network, its systems, data and services. If the pen tester is able to breach the networkís defenses without raising an alarm, then itís an indication that the security controls need to be strengthened.The penetration test can be done in a variety of ways..

1. Whitebox test
2. Blackbox test
3. Graybox test
4. Red/Blue team assessment

Wireless Network Audit

Today wireless networks are being used very widely in corporate networks as well as home networks. As the number of wireless networks is increasing every day, the number of attacks on this networks are also increasing.
In wireless network audit, we try to crack the network passwords by enumerating the kind of encryption used like WEP, WPA, WPA2 and gain access to the network.

Application Security Audit

Every organization today uses various applications on their server and client systems to perform various tasks, be it organizing data, data communication, development etc,

Any application that is not designed properly on how it handles the data validation, authentication, data transmission might pose a serious risk to the organizationís data.

In Application Security Audit We Inspect Various Aspects Of These Proprietary Applications Like:

1. User data validation
2. Data transmission over network
3. Data storage on server
4. Frontend webpage
5. User authentication and authorization
6. Logging & event reporting