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Mobile Forensic Expert

Mobile Forensic Expert course is for those who are looking to get skills necessary for data extraction and analysis from mobile devices. The course is structured into various topics, including both physical and logical acquisition methods. Mobile data analysis techniques. The course also covers bypassing Android lock screen security options and methods for bypassing locked android devices. The course also discusses the challenges faced in mobile data extraction. Overall, the course provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively extract and analyse data from mobile devices in a forensic context.

Key Topics:

The course will cover:

Module 1: Introduction to Mobile Forensics

  • Definition of mobile forensics
  • Types of mobile devices and their operating systems
  • Architecture of Android and iOS operating systems
  • Components of mobile devices
  • Chain of custody
  • Overview of forensic tools and techniques

Module 2: Mobile Device Acquisition

  • Physical acquisition
  • Logical acquisition

Module 3: Android acquisition methods

  • Chip-off acquisition
  • TAG acquisition
  • Custom Image acquisition
  • Bootloader acquisition
  • ADB Pro acquisitions
  • Qualcomm EDL acquisition
  • MTK acquisition
  • SD Card acquisition
  • Full-File System acquisition
  • Android live
  • App Downgrade
  • Manufacture backup acquisition
  • MTP acquisition
  • USIM acquisition

Module 4: Bypassing Android Lock screen

  • Security options on android
  • Methods for bypassing locked android Devices.
    • Hard key method
    • Hard PFE key method (Brute force)
    • Secure Start-up utility (Brute force)
    • Unlock Utility

Module 5: iOS acquisition methods

  • Bootloader acquisition
  • Full-File System acquisition
  • Full-File System (Check m8) acquisition
  • iOS backup acquisition
  • USIM acquisition

Module 6: Mobile Data Analysis Techniques

  • Retrieving user activity information from mobile devices (Active/ Deleted)
    • Accounts
    • Information
    • Contacts
    • Call history
    • Messages
    • Emails
    • Notes
    • Bluetooth log
    • Browser history
    • Search words
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Credentials/ Tokens
  • Timeline analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword searches

Module 7 : Challenges faced in mobile forensics

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