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Cyber Threats have become a major problem beyond geographical borders. With the increase of advance and complex threats the global landscape has changed putting critical infrastructure, Governments, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Telco's, Industries and defense networks worldwide at great risk.

US-Council is a Cybersecurity organization based out of North America. The mission of this organization is to fight cybercrimes.

US-Council helps industries in understanding the rapidly growing security threats against the networks and to combat hackers.

US-Council also offers consultancy services in protecting critical Infrastructure around the world through its partner network.

Cybercrime is rampant. The only way to protect the confidentiality, integrity and privacy of your organization is thorough education and awareness. US-Council offers certification courses which will equip you with the skills to protect your organization's data and network from malicious intruders.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to make the cyber world a safer place. But the task is enormous. To achieve this, we need to spread awareness of how vulnerable it can be on the World Wide Web without proper protection. Secure or perish! Our courses are designed with one thing in mind - to secure the network, data and privacy of individuals and organizations irrespective of the equipment and software they use and deploy.

Our Team

Garry Bridgewater

Regional Director, UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa

Garry has several years of top managerial experience in the telecommunications industry and knows the ins and outs of the pitfalls faced by organizations in today's connected world. His strong leadership and analytical skills have served him in good stead as he worked his way around the globe from Africa to the Middle East, US, Canada and the UK. Garry holds a Master of Science degree from Bournemouth University, UK. In true blue British style, he has a very pragmatic and no nonsense approach to all security issues!

Dick R. Gehniau

Regional Director, Benelux, Nordic, Eastern Europe & Russia

Dick is one of the pioneers of the antivirus and the DLP industry, establishing Thunderbyte BV way back in 1988. He has never looked back since then, successfully setting up five companies in the security domain, dealing with anti-virus, intellectual property protection, data leakage prevention, security suites as well as managed security solutions. Dick has been a CEO in the security business for over three decades.He was the one who propelled Aladdin Knowledge systems to the top 3 position in Benelux. He was also the chief architect of the success of Kaspersky in Europe. He is based in Netherlands and is constantly thinking up new ideas to work on!

Naiara Quintana

Regional Director, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal

Naiara is the quintessential mover and shaker. With master's degrees in wireless engineering and business administration, she has been instrumental in leading teams to success in fields as diverse as telecom, healthcare, energy, finance and travel. She knows firsthand the perils and pitfalls of designing secure networks. Her tenacity is her driving force, helping her effortlessly straddle multiple domains at the same time. As if this wasn't enough, she takes a keen interest in the underprivileged and has worked with teenagers with social disorders and helped them find their place in society!

DW Pipkin

Regional Director, USA & Canada

DW Pipkin has experience in networks and cyber security. He is a go getter who never takes a "no, that's not possible" for an answer. He loves challenges, which is why he is on board the US-Council. He is based out of Utah, USA.

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