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Digital Forensic Expert

Digital Forensic Expert Certification is designed to provide comprehensive training in digital/computer forensics, covering various aspects and techniques essential for investigating digital crimes and incidents.

Key Topics:

  • Live computer Forensics
  • Dead computer Forensics
  • Disk Imaging
  • Disk Image Analysis

The course will cover:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Forensics

  • What is Digital Forensics
  • Different fields of Digital Forensics
    • Computer Hard Drive/ SSD/ NVMe imaging
    • Disk Image Analysis
    • Live Computer Analysis
    • RAM Dump Analysis
    • MAC Forensics
    • Video Forensics/ DVR Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Cloud Forensics
  • Forensic Investigation Phases
  • Chain of Custody

Module 2: Computer Hard Drive/ SSD/ NVMe Imaging

  • Hard Drive
    • What is a Hard Drive
    • Different types of Hard Drive & their connector types
      • IDE
      • SATA
      • SCSI
    • How data is stored on a Hard Drive
      • Tracks
      • Sectors
      • Clusters
  • SSD/ NVMe
    • What is a SSD/ NVMe
    • How is a SSD/ NVMe different from Hard Drive
    • Different types of SSD drives
      • SATA SSD
      • M.2 SSD (MSATA)
    • SSD/ NVMe connector types
  • Write-Blocker
    • What is a write-blocker
    • Different types of write-blockers
      • Hardware write-blocker
      • Software write-blocker
  • Creating a Disk Image
    • Creation of Disk Image using a hardware write-blocker
    • Creation of Disk Image using a software write-blocker
    • Forensic Disk Image types
      • RAW/ DD
      • E01
      • AFF
    • Verifying Disk Image creation logs along with Cryptographic Hash values.

Module 3: Analysing Disk Image

  • Manual analysis of evidence
    • Mounting the Disk Image
    • Launching a Virtual Machine using the Disk Image
  • Application-based analysis of evidence

Module 4: Live Computer Analysis

  • What is Live Computer Analysis
  • When is Live Computer Analysis required
  • Live Computer Analysis procedure
  • RAM Dump Analysis
    • What is RAM Dump
    • How is RAM Dump useful in Forensic Investigation
    • Conditions in which RAM Dump is necessary
    • How to collect RAM Dump
    • Analysing RAM Dump

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What makes US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification one of the best in the industry?

US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that empowers cybersecurity professionals to uncover insights and ensure security with expert forensic services, making it one of the best certifications to pursue in the field of digital forensics.

How can US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification benefit my cybersecurity career?

By obtaining the Digital Forensic Certification from US-Council, you gain the ability to analyze network strengths and withstand cyber attacks effectively. This certification positions you as an expert in digital forensics, enhancing your career prospects and job security in the cybersecurity industry.

What skills will I acquire through the US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification program?

The US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification program equips you with the skills to conduct thorough investigations into cybersecurity incidents, analyze digital evidence, and secure systems against malicious hacking, trojans, backdoors, and worm attacks.

Is US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification recognized globally?

Yes, the US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification is globally recognized as a quality credential that demonstrates a professional's expertise in digital forensics and commitment to excellence in cybersecurity.

Can I access resources to help me prepare for the US-Council's Digital Forensic Certification exam?

US-Council offers a wealth of resources, including free white papers, webinars, and Security Testing Services, to help you prepare for the Digital Forensic Certification exam and excel in your role.

What opportunities are available after becoming US-Council certified in digital forensics?

After becoming US-Council certified in digital forensics, you can access opportunities to become an authorized partner, partake in ongoing educational webinars, and join a network of professionals who are at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry.