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Cybercrime is rampant. The only way to protect the confidentiality, integrity and privacy of your organization is thorough education and awareness. Get the right knowledge and skills today!

  • Why US-Council?

    Malicious hacking, trojans, backdoor and worm attacks on organizations lead to a loss of billions of dollars every year. Our certificate program gives you the ability to secure yourself from such attacks. To outwit hackers, become one! Be secure!

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple - to make the cyber world a safer place. But the task is enormous. To achieve this, we need to spread awareness of how vulnerable it can be on the World Wide Web without proper protection. Secure or perish!

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Regional Director, UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa

Dick R. Gehniau

Regional Director, Benelux, Nordic, Eastern Europe & Russia

Naiara Quintana

Regional Director, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal

DW Pipkin

Regional Director, USA & Canada


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Get US-Council certified, access free white papers, become an authorized partner, and join our informative live webinars. Unlock excellence today

Master Cybersecurity with Top-Tier US-Council Certifications

Embark on a journey to cybersecurity mastery with industry-leading certifications from US-Council. Tailored for those who aim to safeguard the digital realm, these certifications prepare you to face modern threats head-on. Gain the knowledge and skills to protect and secure your network, becoming an invaluable asset in the relentless fight against cybercrime. Join the ranks of esteemed cybersecurity professionals and fortify your organization's defense with our certified expertise. Secure or perish – the choice is yours.


What is US-Council Certification and how does it differ from other cybersecurity certification?

US-Council Certification is a set of comprehensive programs aiming to create cybersecurity experts capable of defending against cyber threats. Unlike other cybersecurity certification, which focuses on ethical hacking, US-Council provides a broader approach towards cybersecurity education and awareness, including proactive defense strategies and security testing services.

Why should I choose US-Council for my cybersecurity certifications?

Choosing US-Council for your cybersecurity certification ensures that you receive thorough education and awareness about the latest security measures and cyber threats. With certifications from US-Council, you gain access to free white papers, the opportunity to become an authorized partner, and insights from informative live webinars, all tailored to help you secure or perish in the face of cybercrime.

What makes US-Council's Cybersecurity Professional Certification one of the best cybersecurity certifications available?

US-Council's Cybersecurity Professional Certification is considered one of the best due to its focus on creating ultimate cybersecurity experts. The program covers in-depth network analysis, proactive security solutions, and strategic defense against malicious attacks, thus preparing professionals to effectively protect corporate, government, and defense networks.

How does US-Council Certification help me protect against malicious hacking, trojans, backdoor and worm attacks?

US-Council's certification programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to analyze your network's strength and to stand strong against various cyber attacks. By understanding the mindset of hackers and adopting their tactics in a controlled environment, you learn how to secure your organization's digital assets from such threats.

Can US-Council Certification help my career in cybersecurity?

Absolutely, obtaining a US-Council Certification can significantly advance your cybersecurity career. It demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity excellence and gives you the credentials to stand out in the job market. Additionally, the certifications provide you with the skills necessary to protect organizations and make the cyber world a safer place.

What are the benefits of US-Council's Security Testing Services?

US-Council's Security Testing Services offer a myriad of benefits, including expert evaluation of your digital landscape and robust protection measures. These services help organizations stay ahead of threats and safeguard their digital assets through comprehensive and adaptive testing methodologies.

How can I start my journey with US-Council's cybersecurity certifications?

• To begin your journey with US-Council's cybersecurity certifications, visit the US-Council website, explore the range of certifications available, and choose the one that best fits your career aspirations. You can then sign up for the certification program and start accessing our wealth of resources to get certified and succeed in the field of cybersecurity.